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  The World Market for Coriolis Flowmeters, 
5th Edition
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Flow Research has recently completed a new market study called The World Market for Coriolis Flowmeters, 4th Edition. Flow Research previously published Coriolis studies in 2001, 2003, 2008, and 2013.  The new edition of the study includes the segmentation included in earlier versions, and also will introduce brand new segmentation. 

Our end-user interviews indicate that the interest in Coriolis flowmeters remains at a very high level, and that end-user needs have become more complex and demanding. We have determined that some of the growth in this market is due to growth in the oil & gas and other energy markets, and are interested to learn the growth rates of other industries since the 2008/2009 recession. We believe this is an optimal time to quantify this growth, and to take another in-depth look at what appears to be a rapidly expanding market.

Since completing our first Coriolis study in 2001, we have been following this market very closely.  Many developments have been described in our quarterly report, the Market Barometer. Each issue of the Market Barometer includes an update on the Coriolis flowmeter market. This new study builds on the knowledge we have gained over the years, but it is a completely new look at this market. For more information on the Market Barometer, go to www.worldflow.com

Goals of Study

This study has accomplished several important objectives:

  • To provide the 2015 market size in US dollars and unit volume for Coriolis flowmeters worldwide

  • To provide market shares of the leading suppliers of Coriolis flowmeters worldwide

  • To provide a detailed forecast of the market for Coriolis flowmeters in dollars and unit volumes through 2020

  • To provide segmented data both on a worldwide basis and for each of eight global regions

  • To provide a technology and product analysis for Coriolis flowmeters

  • To provide market and product strategies for suppliers of Coriolis flowmeters worldwide

  • To provide company profiles of the significant suppliers of Coriolis flowmeters worldwide

Key Issues Addressed

This study addresses the key issues in the Coriolis flowmeter market, including:

  • Growth in the use of smart Coriolis flowmeters

  • The relative merits of straight tube vs bent tube meters

  • The growing use of Coriolis flowmeters to measure gas flow

  • The emerging market for Coriolis in steam flow measurement

  • Growth in the market for large line size Coriolis meters

  • Low cost Coriolis meters

  • The use of Coriolis flowmeters for multiphase flow measurement


The segmentation for this study is as follows:

  • Coriolis Flowmeters by Flowtube Type 

  • Coriolis Flowmeters by Mounting Type 

  • Coriolis Flowmeters by Fluid Type 

  • Coriolis Flowmeters by Line Size

  • Coriolis Flowmeters by Intelligence Level 

  • Smart Coriolis Flowmeters by Communication Protocol

  • Coriolis Flowmeters by Temperature Range

  • Coriolis Flowmeters by Tube Material Type

  • Coriolis Flowmeters by Application

  • Coriolis Flowmeters by Industry

  • Coriolis Flowmeters by Distribution Channel

  • Coriolis Flowmeters by Customer Type

To order this study, contact Flow Research by email at  jesse@flowresearch.com, or call Flow Research at 781-245-3200. In the United States, call toll free at (800) 245-1799. Or, use our handy Order Form above.


To order this study, contact Flow Research, or fill out the order form above!

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